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Primal™ PickleBall

Primal™ PickleBall

💦 Faster Letdown

🍼 Better Flow

🤱 Easier Latching

👶 Easy to use and Carry

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Primal™ PickleBall

Regular price $123.00
Regular price $123.00 Sale price $178.00
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Mommy's Must Have.

  • Designed For All Breasts

    With a narrow tip to gently massage or stimulate lymphatic drain, or a scooped edge to guide the letdown and really promote a healthy flow!

  • Brestie your bestie

    With only mothers in mind, we built our massager to be the only tool you need to get a quick and effective feeding or pump session. With 10 vibration modes and 3 heat levels, we guarantee you'll find what works best for you and your baby.

  • Backed by Science!

    The Brestie™ was designed, developed, and is actively recommended by lactation consultants everywhere! Keeping your mind at ease.

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BPA Free, Skin-Friendly Material
Heating, Vibrating, Waterproof
Mommy Ready Anywhere, Anytime
Results Almost Instantly
BPA Free, Skin-Friendly Material
Heating, Vibrating, Waterproof
Mommy Ready Anywhere, Anytime
Results Almost Instantly

What are moms saying?


Saw their clogged ducts clear up quicker and easier


Saw a quicker letdown trigger


Saw a noticeable increase in flow when feeding

*Self-assesment on 33 subjects after 4 weeks

"I wish I bought it for my first pregnancy"

Breastfeeding my first child was riddled with issues of engorgement and clogged ducts, this time around the brestie saved me from all of those issues and made latching a breeze! - emily Brestie™ Customer

Breastfeeding is hard.

Breastfeeding is a crucial part of the fulltime mother position, but facing things like clogged ducts, Mastitis, and inconsistent flow/letdown isn't a pain you can always avoid.

Our goal was to create one device, effective enough to trust and convenient enough for the busy life of a mom.

Not for you? No Stress.

If you decide that the Brestie™ is not a necessity for you, return it within 30 days for a full refund. 

Why the Brestie™ ?

Clogged ducts? Mastitis? Engorged breasts? Letdown troubles?

Brestie™ is your bestie

Quick & Efficient

Makes Workouts Fun

Hoop Anywhere You Go

30-Day Guarantee


other methods

Quick Results

Adjustable Experience

Easy to Use





How does the vibration work?

with 10 different modes for the vibration of the massager, be assured that you'll find the setting that works best for you. It works to stimulate the ducts and trigger a smoother and quicker letdown when breastfeeding.

Is the heat safe?

Absolutely! Our warming feature has 3 levels for your comfort and maximum efficiency when in use.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! Please allow a few extra days for processing orders going outside of the NA and EU. Please allow for the average shipping time of 10-14 days.

How best way to use?

  1. Hold the massager with your thumb placed between the buttons and the small tip. Press into the breast, while moving towards the nipple. This technique applies pressure on your milk ducts and moves the milk forward which can help you empty more effectively.
  2. Use the small tip to reach deeper into the breast ducts. This is great for keeping milk flowing and preventing clogs in the breast.
  3. The scooped edge makes it easy to move fluid. Using the scoop edge helps to move hind-milk forward and can also help relieve hardness from engorgement. It’s also great for reaching under the breast.
  4. Place the massager in your bra with the small tip facing down. This can help stimulate let down and improve milk flow. If you are pumping, you can place the narrow tip on the flange to increase the vibration area.
  5. Applying pressure and compression on your breast can help you empty better. Place the massager button side up and rock the sides forward and back.